The Killer and the Diva

Film Documentary

killer+divajpgThe extraordinary lives of Maria Mercader: dramatic the first, surviving his assassination of Trotsky, fascinating the second, breathing her passionate love story with Vittorio De Sica. From the beginning of the super nosupersub century the lives of the two protagonists run after each other on an international stage. In Cuba, still a Spanish colony to the advent of Fidel Castro, in the Barcelona of the Belle Epoque and of civil war, in the Paris of the Front Populaire and of the existentialists, in a Moscow in the periods of terror and of the Krushchev Thaw, in the Rome of fascism and of the Dolce Vita.

An Italian and spanish coprodution with Overcom srl, iFrame srl and Lukimedia Sa
Author: Marco Sappino
Director: Silvia Giulietti