Feed the peace

Directors: Silvia Giulietti and Tiziano Novelli

“Feed the peace” is the story of a journey inside two worlds, Israel and Palestine, which are in a deep neverending conflict , two worlds which seem so different and far, but they are not.

Through the food cooked by two cooks, Hatem Taha, coming from Palestine and Erez, Komarovski coming from Israel, we smell, learn, hear and feel the flavour of cardamom, mint and experience their lives. Think to use not only our eyes to leave with them to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Walking in the narrow streets of Jerusalem and in the larger ones of Tel Aviv, we see the Holy Sepulchre, the Western Wall, the cristallized Me a She’ arim, we see modern and ancient together, enter their homes, know their friends and families, we meet the Parents circle, who fight hard to put an end to this conflict and hopefully we learn from who has suffered more to understand each other for a better future of peace and friendship and that there is always place to hope because it’s stupid to saying there is no way for peace, because peace is the way!


‘’Un film per la pace’’ 2007 – Winner
Sole e Luna Doc Festival 2008
Roma Film Festival 2008
Prize Human Rights 2008
Arcipelago 2008
Abruzzo Film Festival 2009
Babel Tv Sky all’IMAF Festival 2010 – Winner