Documentaries and movies production

iFrame is an independent production and post-production company, created by a group of professionals with over twenty years of experience in the film industry.
Since 2004 the company has produced advertising, documentaries, short films, video art and music videos and is currently engaged in the development and production of international films and documentaries with innovative technologies.

iFrame is registered in the list of film companies at the National Board of Cinema, MIBACT (Ministry of Cultural Heritage Film Section).
Member of the ROC – National Register of Communication Operators.
Registered in the list of operators of RAI.
Member of the CNA (National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises)


 Silvia Giulietti

Producer and director

Silvia is a Director, Producer and Director of Photography. She has worked with many International Film Makers and acquired her skills in Cinecittà in Rome. Today she Produces and Directs Documentaries, Commercials, and Develops international projects. She divides her time between London and Rome.


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Antonio Follari

Producer and commercial director

Antonio is commercial director, with extensive experience in multinational corporations and communication companies. He is in charge of relations with distributors, sponsors and commercial relations. He is present in the major markets of the industry.

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