Come posso (As I can)

Director Giulia Merenda


The documentary is the portrait of an artist who makes portraits and who, although she always wanted to keep a low profile, has been widely recognized as a preminent figure. A woman to discover with joy, as a hidden treasure. Her comic strips, published from between the seventies and eighties, stand out not only for their impressive beauty, reminiscent in some way of a classic style, but also for the strong influence they had in the development of an extremely vivid and fascinating imaginary world, breaking the rules and opening new spaces with such unparalleled intensity, which cinema or literature in those years did not manage to achieve.

This film therefore pays a tribute to the art of comics, and to Mètal Hurlant, sometimes  unjustly considered  as low culture, a brilliant form of art, perfectly fit to express our complex world.

There are two souls inside Cecilia Capuana, the one that gets involved and the one that keeps things at a distance, with irony. Drawing comic strips is a choice of freedom, joy and openness. Being a painter is a reflection on the real world, a way of getting in touch with matter. The weight of colors opposite to ideal synthesis of black and white.

A comic strip starts from your head, a painting starts from your stomach while your soul is jumping here and there. And….The seventies, the youth movement, photographs taken by Tano D’Amico. Maternity. Meeting with Métal Hurlant editor Jean Pierre Dionnet. A different point of view by Tanino Liberatore, brother-in-road, like her, he was considered in France more than he was in Rome. Exceeding in curiosity, lack of style. Loss, a typical migrant feature. A feeling of affection for artists of the past. Her ‘’great’’ friend Mario Monicelli. Weighing on the present for the future. As Van Eyck said: “Als Ik Kan” (As I Can)


– Festival International d’Angoulême 2010

–  Festival Romics 2010

– Lucca Comics and Games 2010

– Sulmona Film 2011

– Docartoon 2011

-Art Doc Festival 2013

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