Gli angeli nascosti di Luchino Visconti

Director: Silvia Giulietti Authors: Barbara Iannarilli, Giuseppe Galeone, Silvia Giulietti The Hidden angels of Luchino Visconti There are many ways of framing a landscape, a face, as there are many ways to tell the story of a man, his life, his passions, his character, his movements, sending a message to the world. “The Hidden Angles


Partisan Kids

Set during the Second World War, in the context of the partisan battles of Brigade Maiella, this is the story of three boys only 13 years old, who grow up helping Allied soldiers escape from German captivity through the rugged mountains of Abruzzi, in Italy. Documentary by Pietro Faiella and Gianlorenzo Puglielli Directed by Silvia Giulietti



Documentaries Series Directed by Silvia Giulietti Ethnicus is a festival-laboratory where, through a process of research and experimentation


Come posso (As I can)

Director Giulia Merenda The documentary is the portrait of an artist who makes portraits and who, although she always wanted to keep a low profile, has been widely recognized as a preminent figure. A woman to discover with joy, as a hidden treasure. Her comic strips, published from between the seventies and eighties, stand out not


Salvare Procida

Directors: Giuliano Montaldo and Silvia Giulietti Narrator : Anita Caprioli Music: Ennio Morricone and Rocco De Rosa EVEN


If You fall

Movie and TV serie in 3D Karen Darke’s adventurous life story takes us from the brink of death when she fell while free-climbing in Scotland to hand-cycling the heights of the Himalayas…to the rusty knife of a Brazilian spirit surgeon. It is a story not just of climbing, courage and incredible adventures, but one of inner journeying

In development

CHE GUEVARA : The Legacy

Film Documentary by Antonio Cervi and Pablo Moyano Winner of development projects selection between                                                           Istituto Luce – Cinecittà (IT) and INCAA (AR) A co-production Italy, Spain, Argentine.

In development

Il sud dell’anima

The south of the soul Movie feature. A French and Italian coproduction. Director : Silvia Giulietti Script : Giulia Merenda, Barbara Iannarilli, Antonio De Rosa, Silvia Giulietti Based on the novel of Antonio De Rosa ‘’Musicante’’

In development

The Killer and the Diva

Film Documentary The extraordinary lives of Maria Mercader: dramatic the first, surviving his assassination of Trotsky, fascinating the second, breathing her passionate love story with Vittorio De Sica. From the beginning of the super nosupersub century the lives of the two protagonists run after each other on an international stage. In Cuba, still a Spanish

In development

Under the same stars

Music: Rocco De Rosa Direction: Silvia Giulietti

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